Automatic Commercial Doors

Why choose an automatic door?

Whether you realize it or not, many of us have become accustomed to having public doors that open and shut automatically. The automatic door is typically found in grocery stores, malls, hotels, hospitals, and airports. Having an automatic door installed in your building can add convenience, save you money, and add a sense of customer service by giving patrons a hassle-free way to move from one space to the next.

Automatic doors are excellent choices for:

  • High traffic areas– In places like retail stores, hospitals, educational facilities, entertainment venues, and public transportation areas, there are typically various times throughout the day when large volumes of people are moving in and out of a particular entrance or exit. Giving people easy access and a quick way to move in and out can keep traffic moving, especially during peak business hours.
  • When your space is limited– Traditional swinging doors can make a small space seem crowded and can limit the available space in a room for things like seating, etc. An automatic sliding door is a great option for opening up space in a particular area of your building.
  • Adding convenience and a comfort to any space– People feel comfortable and at ease when they don’t have the added hassle of opening and shutting doors manually. This convenience and comfort is especially noticed by older demographics, people who use canes or wheelchairs, and people with young children.
  • Saving energy– If a door is left open by accident or isn’t shut all the way, valuable air conditioning or heating may escape. That simple mistake could cause heightened energy bills. Automatic doors can help reduce the chances of that happening.

Automatic doors add functionality and convenience to every space. Call us at 314-487-0800 to learn more about our St. Louis commercial doors. Our team sells, installs, and repairs premium, high quality doors at affordable prices.


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